Iowa City, IA

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 3.43.51 PMChanges in customer requirements and delivery platforms for this 50 year old testing organization called for a shift in culture.  With a desire to create a more agile culture, ACT sought a solution that would accelerate the system’s capacities for innovation and adaptation.

Over a six-month period of time, CPC designed and facilitated an Appreciative Inquiry process that engaged the entire workforce in creating “from scratch” a comprehensive career development process.  From the beginning, the initiative (dubbed “Charting Our Course: Creating a Clear Path to Career Development”) was radically inclusive, involving employees of every level in the hierarchy, multiple functions, and multiple geographic locations.  The process included one-on-one interviews, a 3-day 125-person Appreciative Inquiry Summit, post-summit action planning in Innovation Teams, and a one-day Implementation meeting.   Upon completion of the Implementation Meeting, summit participants formed ongoing HR advisory groups to support high priority projects, which included:

  • Increased and intentional management involvement in talent development activities
  • Creation of formal mentoring and career coaching programs and services
  • Redeployment of the proprietary assessment tools (i.e., , make them available to members of the workforce for personal career development purposes)
  • Wider and better publicized access to internal and external training and education opportunities
  • Periodic departmental showcases
  • Assessment of performance evaluation, recognition and rewards systems to assure that they address key career development objectives

Additional long-term objectives included:

  • Development of a comprehensive, transparent Career Options Framework
  • Creation of a searchable database with individuals’ and departments’ profiles, job descriptions and career paths
  • Creation of an Office of Career Development, to house the above-referenced services and more


“With guidance from Corporation for Positive Change, we harnessed the
energy and collective wisdom of a significant cross-section of our staff, to implement
crucial changes in our career development and related HR programs.
The Appreciative Inquiry process shaved months off a typical schedule for such a large,
organization-wide change. It delivered a clear message that we value
employees’ thoughts, perspectives, aspirations, and feelings.”

Janet Godwin, Chief of Staff &
Chief Accountability Officer

Case Studies

Community Development

Boulder County Aging Services
MA Alliance of Juvenile Court Clinics
Maricopa Association of Governments
University of Nebraska Rural Initiative


Boston College
Brookline Public Schools
Idaho State Board of Education
MA School of Professional Psychology
Morgan Community College
Needham Public Schools
Santa Maria High School
The Bishop’s School
The Kabele School
The League School


Canadian School of Public Service
City and County of Denver, CO
City of Boulder, CO
City of Buckeye, AZ
City of Longmont, CO
City of Regina, Canada
CO Dept. of Health & Environment
Ft. Collins Downtown Dev. Assn.
Pierce Cty. WA Chambers Creek Prop.
United States Geological Survey

Health Care

Alice Peck Day (APD) Health System
Colorado Foundation for Medical Care
Lovelace Health Systems
University of Kentucky Hospital
University of KY Children’s Hospital
University of MA Medical Center
University of MS Health Center
University of Virginia Health System

Human Services

Calgary Health Region
Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Svcs.
Community Healthlink
Nevada Dept. of Human Services
The Brookline Center

Manufacturing & Distributing

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
Hunter Douglas Window Fashions Division

NGO / Nonprofit

Adoption Exchange Association
American Diabetes Association
Community Development Institute
Population Services International
Rocky Mountain Adoption Exchange


Glaxo SmithKline
Johnson & Johnson
Merck, SA

Religion & Interfaith

Cameron Church Faith Trek
First Plymouth Congregational Church
Sisters of Good Shepherd
Sisters of Mary, Korea
Unitarian-Universalist Association
United Religions Initiative (URI)


Ameriquest Data Services (ADS)
British Airways, N.A.
First Caribbean International Bank
JUUT Salonspa
Potawatami Casino, WI
Santa Ana Star Casino, NM

Technology & Telecommunication

Red Prairie (formerly StorePerform)
Verizon (formerly GTE)
Wow! Internet•Cable•Phone


Bruce Power, Canada
Utility Finance Division

Additional Services

Who We Are

Corporation for Positive Change Consulting P

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What We Do

We work with whole organizations and communities, departments, functions, and teams as well as with individual leaders at all levels. We design and facilitate interactive, strength-based meetings, public participation processes, and team ‘advances.

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