Date: TBD
Location: TBD
Prerequisites: None
Contact: Email Barbara or call (877) 456-4583
Cost $1,800

Appreciative Leadership Development Program©

Discover and plan your path forward in the Appreciative Leadership Development Program …

I was in a life transition when I took the ALDP, and it jump-started my thinking about my future. I came away with not just a vision for who I wanted to be in my work but the conviction that I had the strengths to make it happen.
Kami Guildner
Founder, Syzygy

The ALDP retreat is for and about you: how you develop and use your leadership skills and how you bring out the best in those around you. It gives you space, time and support to mobilize your own creative potential – along with the insight, skill and confidence to unleash positive power among those you lead. In our retreat-like setting you will:

  • Discover and build upon your leadership strengths and skills through an appreciative inquiry-based 360° feedback, one-on-one coaching and personal reflection.
  • Discover the leadership benefits if inquiry, inclusion and integrity
  • Learn how to illuminate and inspire the best of people and situations
  • Develop a 5-year vision, and a plan to make it happen


Now is the time to affirm your leadership, appreciate the results you  have achieved, and commit to the positive future that awaits you.


… then ground your ALDP experience with ALDP Plus!*

Being in the presence of horses deepens our self-awareness, almost effortlessly. This unique program helps you embody the positive change you’ve envisioned, and commit more fully to realizing it.
Barbara Lewis
Rocky Mountain Center

Extend and deepen your week of reflection by participating in ALDP Plus!, offered for the first time to participants in this year’s ALDP. On Friday June 10 our strategic partner, Syzygy, offers a 6-hour equine-guided coaching experience for ALDP graduates and the community. Horses are teachers that mirror our body language and emotions, and equine-guided coaching highlights your nonverbal communication, helping you move forward with even more clarity and intention.   * Known publicly as Leadership Through the Eyes of the Horse.


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