Dates: TBD
Location: TBD
Prerequisites: None
Faculty: Diana Whitney
Contact: For more information, email Barbara Lewis
Cost: $1250

Appreciative Alchemy

A Spiritual Retreat for Leaders, Coaches and Consultants

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the
stronger pull of what you really love.”

Choosing to work with Appreciative Inquiry is akin to crossing a threshold. It requires that we step away from habitual negativity and narratives of inadequacy; and into ways of working and being that are life affirming, constructive and positively powerful. In essence, it asks us to be spiritually present and resonant in all we do.

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 1.59.52 PMAppreciative Alchemy provides time and space for you to expand your appreciative consciousness, to discover emerging life-affirming possibilities, and learn new ways of living and working in the energetically positive. It is an opportunity for you to examine and transform the stories you tell yourself about yourself, your spirituality, and your ways of being in the world. It is a safe space to let go of practices that no longer serve you, your family or your organization, and to explore how to more fully welcome spiritual presence in all that you do. It is a rich and regenerative occasion for personal reflection and renewal within a spiritually supportive learning community.

Join CPC founder Diana Whitney – one of the foremost thought leaders exploring the intersection of Appreciative Inquiry and spirituality – along with others who have chosen to cross the appreciative threshold.  Explore questions of spiritual development: How has spirituality shown up in your life over time? What are you called to be and do? How do you live your life on purpose? How can you deepen your choice to be open, honest, loving, compassionate and creative? How can you more fully engage with and honor your relationship with the Creator? And how might you refine your daily practices to live in harmony, balance and appreciation?

Diana masterfully guides participants on this journey of spiritual inquiry, self-reflection, awareness building, letting go and integration with compassionate facilitation. She draws on her interfaith experiences and Native American practices to create ceremonies and prayers for the group. As a participant, you will be invited to participate in spiritual practices such as prayers, ceremonies and drumming. You will leave with a set of affirmations firmly grounded in your own visions and capacities.