Dates: Eight Tuesdays, September 12 through October 31 (7:30 a.m.-10:00 a.m. Mountain time)
Location: Online
Prerequisites: The Power of Appreciative Inquiry: Theory and Practice (formerly known as the Foundations of Appreciative Inquiry)
Contact: For more information, email Barbara or call (877) 456-4583.
Cost: $1,450.00
Non-Profit and Group Rates: $1,150.00

Appreciative Inquiry Summit:
Igniting Inspiration, Accelerating Action

Imagine 50 to 500 people together, producing powerful and sustained results in just 2 to 5 days. This workshop will show you how.

The Appreciative Inquiry Summit: Igniting Inspiration, Accelerating Action – an online interactive workshop – teaches you how to design and facilitate Appreciative Inquiry Summits. The course takes place in eight consecutive 2.5 hour sessions on consecutive Tuesdays, beginning September 12 and ending October 31, 2017. It includes live presentations and discussions, video case studies, interactive exercises, and breakout assignments (during and between classes). It offers the same interactive, collaborative, and personal connection typical of Corporation for Positive Change workshops, all from the comfort of your home or workplace. You will learn all you need to make your Appreciative Inquiry Summit a reality.

Prerequisites:(1) Familiarity with basic Appreciative Inquiry theory and practices, as demonstrated by graduation from The Power of Appreciative Inquiry workshop (formerly known as the Foundations of Appreciative Inquiry), or an equivalent course. (2) The technical capability to connect to an interactive, internet-based platform. An optional pre-conference “refresher” is available at no charge for workshop participants who wish to brush up on basic Appreciative Inquiry practices before moving forward.

This workshop fulfills a requirement in the Certificate Program: Appreciative Inquiry and Practice of Positive Change. To register for the workshop, contact Barbara Lewis.

What Participants Say About the AI Summit online workshop:

“Your ‘appreciative’ leadership this week was great – thank you! The Appreciative Summit workshop exceeded my expectations – the pace, content and attentiveness to mine and the group’s questions really helped to solidify AI concepts that we can put into daily practice whether or not we are leading a Summit event.”

Rev. Elliot Smith, President Thornwell Home for Children

“This workshop was inspiring. I leave knowing a lot more, and excited at the huge ocean possibility still to explore. The facilitation held the space perfectly to enable an outstanding, rich learning environment.”

Jo Matthews, Executive Coach Soil and Soul


“Thank you for the fantastic learning experience. Your team provided a fabulous hands-on practical application of the AI Summit process, and I feel like I walked away with real skills. The project-based approach grounds my understanding of an AI Summit, and your team was able to showcase example-after-example of real world applications. And as is always true in a CPC workshop, the team interaction that develops over the course is a treat all in itself!”

Kami Guildner, President Syzygy Consulting & Coaching