Date: TBD
Location: TBD
Prerequisites: None
Contact: Email Barbara or call (877) 456-4583
Cost $1,800

Appreciative Leadership Development Program©

Are you ready to grow your leadership potential? Discover and plan your path forward in the Appreciative Leadership Development Program!



This workshop is for and about you: how you develop and use your leadership skills and how you bring out the best in those around you. It gives you space, time and support to mobilize your own creative potential – along with the insight, skill and confidence to unleash positive power among those you lead. In our retreat-like setting you will:


  • Discover and build upon your leadership strengths and skills through an appreciative inquiry-based 360° feedback, one-on-one coaching and personal reflection.
  • Discover the leadership benefits if inquiry, inclusion and integrity
  • Learn how to illuminate and inspire the best of people and situations
  • Develop a 5-year vision, and a plan to make it happen

Now is the time to affirm your leadership, appreciate the results you have achieved, and commit to the positive future that awaits you.This workshop fulfills a requirement in the Certificate Program: Appreciative Inquiry and Practice of Positive Change. To register for the workshop, contact Barbara Lewis.

What Participants Say About the Appreciative Leadership Development Program©

” The ALDP was transformative. It allowed me to embrace my authentic self,
and represent myself more sincerely to those around me.”
Diana Sadighi
Human Resources Director, Namaste Solar

The ALDP was a transformative experience for me. Less than a year after the workshop, I achieved one of my main goals.
Having clearly seen where I wanted to head made it easy for me to simply ‘let’ it happen.
Thank you for helping me find my path to leadership.”
Tom Stone Carlson, Ph.D.
Professor & Program Director, Couple and Family Therapy Program
North Dakota State University

“This was the most significant training I have had in over 10 years!  Amanda and Barbara
helped me find my passion again and start the journey toward greater service. ”
M.D. Kinoti
Associate Professor, Regis University

“This experience fulfilled every expectation. I gained renewed commitment and energy to be present
in every meaningful way possible as we reinvent our city.”
Jon Steplton
Founder, Cheyenne Mountain Civic Solutions

“The ALDP was an enriching experience that both strengthened my commitment and added to my toolkit.  It will help me apply
effective AI techniques to topics that matter greatly to the future of my organization.  Many thanks to
Amanda and Barbara for a week of deeply reflection and powerful practice.”
Susan Wade
Director of Professional Development, Texas Teachers’ Retirement System