Date: TBD
Location: TBD
Prerequisites: None
Contact: For more information, email Barbara or call (877) 456-4583.
Cost:  $450.00

From Image to Action:
Unleashing Collective Potential

What if you could
ignite innovation and align action
in your organization?

Learn how in this one-day workshop! You’ll:

  • Discover how to mobilize stakeholders to imagine future success.
  • Experience different ways to co-create future images so they are meaningful, motivational and memorable.
  • Learn how the science of positivity connects positive images to positive action.

                                      “A vivid image compels the whole body to follow” – Aristotle

A clear and compelling shared vision is the foundation for organizational success. Effective collective visioning inspires both innovation and aligned action. Invest in your organization or community’s success by learning how to put the future to work for you.