How We Work

We work on the edge of what is and what can be.

We work with leaders and teams, at all levels, who seek positive change in their organizations and communities. We partner with them to achieve relevant results by tailoring our practices and processes to their unique culture, challenges and business environment.

We work collaboratively, enhancing relationships within and across functions, levels, and interest groups. We design and facilitate task oriented, co-creative processes for diverse groups of all sizes using the Appreciative Inquiry Summit methodology.

We work creatively, elevating the level of novelty and appreciatively disrupting the status quo. We unleash innovative potential through the use of provocative questions, out of the box dialogue, graphic facilitation and multi-medium methodologies.

We work compassionately, illuminating strengths and honoring differences in styles and cultures. Any change in an organization or community is also a change in the identity of its employees and stakeholders. We help clients transform their own ways of being, as well as, their organizations, teams, and relationships.

We work courageously, taking on challenges to contribute to the design, development and transformation of organizations, teams and communities in ways that improve the quality of life for their members, customers and shareholders.

We expertly apply Appreciative Inquiry and Appreciative Leadership to the visions and goals of our clients.

Who We Are

Corporation for Positive Change Consulting Partners are master consultants linked by a common bond to bring the principles and practices of Appreciative Inquiry to life in all that they do.

What We Do

We work with whole organizations and communities, departments, functions, and teams as well as with individual leaders at all levels. We design and facilitate interactive, strength-based meetings, public participation processes, and team ‘advances.

Case Studies

Our clients are success-oriented, strength-based leaders, managers and professions dedicated to creating healthy, thriving organizations financially, socially and environmentally.